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EPB Research utilizes secular and cyclical economic frameworks to provide clients with actionable long-term and short-term asset allocation decisions

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EPB Framework

Cyclical & Secular

The economy has long-term (secular) trends and shorter-term (cyclical) trends. Secular trends are slow-moving and are impacted most closely by demographics and debt. Cyclical trends are the 6-18 month fluctuations in growth that occur on top of the secular trends.

The EPB Secular & Cyclical Framework monitors both of these critical trends and details the probable path forward for asset prices.

Growth Cycles & Asset Prices

Leading Indicators

To understand where growth is headed, we need to deeply study and track leading economic indicators.

Leading indicators provide clues about the future direction of coincident economic growth, and thus, asset price performance.

Lagging indicators can confirm coincident trends after they happen.

Aggregate Indicators

EPB Research creates leading and coincident indices by combining multiple indicators into one index. These indices are much more accurate than looking at a single measure.

We use indices to track employment, economic growth, inflation, home prices, and more.

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